The name PROKASRO stands for progressive sewer rehabilitation robotics – we develop customized solutions for sewer rehabilitation. With our products, many pipelines can be returned to a like new condition, which is much easier and cheaper than replacing pipes and maintains a process which is more economical, environmental, hygienic and maintains high quality standards.


Our professional technical support is available through multiple channels.


The KASRO working robots are designed for the internal rehabilitation pipelines as support equipment to the linings and coating industry.


We demonstrate the performance of our products directly on site to your staff.

Save Money, Time, and Resources with Rehabilitation Robotics

Many pipelines can be restored close to new conditions, saving projects the time and money spent on replacing pipes. At ProKASRO, we stand for progressive sewer rehabilitation robotics, delivering customized solutions for sewer rehabilitation. Our timely and...

Silent Cutters Bring Financial Benefits

PROKASRO equipment is now in the US, and we’re already reinventing how trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation is being performed. Trenchless repair companies implement our equipment to streamline their repair projects.


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