ProKASRO Mechatronik GmbH, whose name means progressive rehabilitation robotics, was founded in August of 2000. In 1989, the first sewer milling robot was developed by the engineering office DTI GmbH. In 2000 the development, production and distribution were taken over by ProKASRO, which at the time was made up of just 30 employees. Uwe Reinhardt and Yvan Haberkorn are now Managing Directors of ProKASRO Mechatronik GmbH, which has since grown to over 140 employees.

Our vision to become a complete supplier of sewer rehabilitation solutions with specially developed and manufactured products has now become reality. Our product and solution range now includes KASRO robotic systems, KASRO grouting/capping systems, KASRO light source technology for UV liners and mobile systems. ProKASRO continues to serve customers in Germany and other European countries and has expanded worldwide to now include Asia and America.