14 -18t EXPERT rehabilitation vehicle for KASRO UV Technology stationary

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Product Description

  • Overall rehabilitation with UV-Technology gets possible! 
    operation of all KASRO UV light source chains and cores from 8x 400W up to 18x 1000W for the diameters DN150 to DN1600•
    Surcharge for body box paintwork in your favourite colour (Article number: 7027011)
  • Installed equipment: customised built-in cupboards, seats with desk, work bench incl. tools, control panel, water tank with pump, lamps, sockets, air conditioner and battery buffered auxiliary heater
  • kitchen with refrigerator, microwave, wash basin (available separately)
  • Power generator and air blower are available separately (depends on the rehabilitation equipment) are installed in a seperate machine room (directly behind the cab), accessible through 2 doors left and right

Technical Data


Self-propelled work machine

Dimensions Container

Length 7000 mm, Width 2480 mm, Height 2300 mm

Power generator

40 kVA or 65 kVA

Total weight

variable weight

Water tank

80-130 l

Air blower

800 mbar /6m³ / min or 1100 mbar / 8m³ / min

Vehicle not supplied