KASRO cap placement system DN150-600

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Product Description

  • the intersection angles and axes are not predetermined due to a side balloon and a collapsible seal on the form plate, which are fully expandable and inflatable with compressed air.
  • to ensure an easy and non-destructive procedure of the cap placement system in the main sewer, the form plate is inclined to the back and the diameter of the entire device is reduced by means of a compressed air cylinder
  • the electric heating of the balloon and the form plate reduce the reaction time of the used resins and adhesives
  • the heating energy also reaches the upper areas of the balloon further in the lateral intake
  • the various flexible form plates ensure that they optimally adjust to every pipe diameter

Technical Data

Cap placement system DN 150

Length (with holding arm) 840 mm, diameter 120 mm
Length cap
150 mm
5 kg
300 W, shield and balloon
Special feature
available with front camera

Cap placement system DN 200 – 600

Dimensions DN 200
Length 580mm (without holding arm), 725mm (with holding arm)
Dimensions DN 250 - 600
Length 675mm (without holding arm), 917mm (with holding arm)
Surface shield
400mm x 360mm
Dimensions balloon
Base diameter 100mm, Length 350mm
Shield 250W, balloon 300W
Height cap
Material for cap
Epoxy resin (standard)