KASRO injection sealing system DN200-600

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Product Description

  • for rehabilitation of lateral intakes
  • with epoxy resin (other material possible)
  • injection material is carried within membrane cartridges underneath the form plates
  • the pressure of the injection is directly transferred to the damage spot
  • the intersection angles and axes are not predetermined due to a side balloon and a collapsible seal on the form plate, which are fully expandable and inflatable with compressed air
  • the side balloon can be sucked back behind the form plate
  • the electric heating of the balloon and the form plate support the curing of the applied sealing materials
  • KASRO camera change box for three cameras which show the user how the branch pipe looks like and how far the material is pressed in

Technical Data

Dimensions DN200

Length 716mm (without holding arm), chassis diameter 150mm, Weight 25kg

Dimensions DN250-600

Length 550mm (without holding arm), Weight 15kg

Flat compressing shield

400mm x 360mm

Dimensions balloon

Base diameter 100mm, Height 203mm (short conical balloon), 233mm (long conical balloon), 350mm (cylinder balloon)


Shield 250W, balloon 200W or 300W

Cartridge size

DN200/DN250: 2x 1,5 liters
from DN300: 2x 2,1 liters