KASRO shield injection system DN 200-600

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Product Description

The shield injection system can be mounted on:

  • the KASRO spatula robot DN150-250
    the KASRO spatula robot DN250–600
    also possible: DN800 and oval profile
  • the devices carry a material cartridge (disposable or refillable) with the premixed material
  • it is pressed out by a compressed-air cylinder
  • with the spatula device seal cracks, fractures, joints or holes can be filled
  • move the scraper device towards and away from the pipe wall via two separately controllable arms
  • the tool head can rotate and the lateral movement is controlled via the drive unit
  • with the shield injection system the material can be pressed into the transition region between the lateral intake and the main sewer

Technical Data


Length 480mm


Rotation 540° Lift: 65mm


3,6 kg