Save Money, Time, and Resources with Rehabilitation Robotics

Many pipelines can be restored close to new conditions, saving projects the time and money spent on replacing pipes. At ProKASRO, we stand for progressive sewer rehabilitation robotics, delivering customized solutions for sewer rehabilitation. Our timely and...

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Silent Cutters Bring Financial Benefits

PROKASRO equipment is now in the US, and we’re already reinventing how trenchless sewer pipe rehabilitation is being performed. Trenchless repair companies implement our equipment to streamline their repair projects.

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ProKASRO Launch

ProKASRO Services USA is proud to announce the opening of our US services office. Trenchless sewer repair companies now have the option to service their ProKASRO equipment with minimal downtime. We can even ship loaner equipment the same day if your equipment needs servicing.

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13685 East Davies Place
Centennial, CO 80112