Many pipelines can be restored close to new conditions, saving projects the time and money spent on replacing pipes. At ProKASRO, we stand for progressive sewer rehabilitation robotics, delivering customized solutions for sewer rehabilitation. Our timely and reasonably priced products and services are second to none. ProKASRO Services USA is currently located in Centennial, CO, where we have a fully staffed team offering working demos onsite and at customers locations; as well as new and used equipment for immediate sale and rental. 

Founded in August of 2000, our team at ProKASRO has grown from 30 employees to over 140 employees, bringing our vision to become a complete supplier of sewer rehabilitation solutions. As leaders in sewage rehabilitation, our refined process is more economical, environmental, hygienic, and it maintains high-quality standards. With robotics, lateral rehabilitation technologies, and UV pipe lining technologies we have a unique ability to tackle projects without the need for digging, major traffic disruptions, high noise, or the need to bypass the pipeline flows in some cases.

Our product and solutions range from KASRO robotic systems, KASRO grouting/capping systems, and KASRO light source technology for UV liners and mobile systems. All of our products are 100% made in Germany, and 100% American supported. In order to provide attentive and responsive customer service, we provide local state-side support that includes training/technical support, repair services, sales and rental of state-of-the-art sewer and water rehabilitation equipment, as well as cameras for your every need. 

Interested in our line of solutions/services? Please email us or call us at (813) 731-4337 for your next sewer rehabilitation project.